G&T Lovers rejoice! BROOKIE’S GIN LAUNCH their PREMIUM, Pre-bottled GIN & TONIC

WORDS: Amelia Watson PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Cape Byron Distillery is set amongst the lush rainforests of the Byron Bay hinterland. Home of the highly awarded Brookie’s Gin, the Distillery is bringing an unforeseen level of quality to the pre-bottled category with a super refreshing premium Gin & Tonic with Native Finger Lime, in a ready-to-enjoy bottle.

This season, Brookie’s Gin is lifting spirits across Australia with their first pre bottled drink, which is lower in sugar, delicate and 100% natural. Packed with all of the goodness of Brookie’s much-loved Byron Dry Gin, it’s a true showcase of native ingredients and botanicals hailing from the local surrounds.

Eddie Brook, Co-Founder of Brookie’s Gin says, “If you’ve made the hike to our distillery in Byron Bay, there’s a very good chance that you’ve been treated to our signature G&T garnished with Native Finger Lime. We love it, you love it, so we thought, ‘Hey – why not bottle the flavours of the rainforest to be enjoyed conveniently anywhere around Australia’. And bottle it we did! If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, let me just say that you’re in for a real treat.”

He continues, “We know that the modern drinker is searching for quality, convenience and better alternatives. And we’ve heard the call for a premium Australian craft G&T, loud and clear! So, for a space renowned for loads of sugar and fake flavours, we wanted to change the game and bring an unrivalled level of quality and taste. We like to think we’ve created the Goldilocks of G&Ts – not too sweet, not too dry… but a little sipper that’s ‘just right’. We’re stoked that our signature rainforest G&T is now in a convenient bottle, so Brookie’s frothers can enjoy a ‘dry on the fly’ outside of our distillery, anywhere, and at any time.”

There’s a couple of tricks to nailing this mix and Brookie’s Gin is more than happy to share their secrets…

Firstly, the crew opted for a custom dry style tonic. They use 50% less sugar than leading gin premix brands with only 2.6gm per 100ml. This takes out the unnecessary sweetness which often overrides the delicate flavour profile of the gin. Less sugar means less calories too. They’ve got your summer bods in mind.

Secondly, it’s all about the quality of the spirit. The team use their signature Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin, distilled with 17 native ingredients including macadamias, Byron Sunrise finger limes and native raspberries. If you want the best product you have to use the best ingredients. Simple!  This pre bottled G&T sits at 5.6%

ABV, approx 1.3 standard drinks per serve.

Thirdly, staying in line with the Brookie’s rulebook, they’ve omitted any nasty additives and fake sugars. This on-the-go G&T is made from 100% natural ingredients!

Finally, it’s all in the twist! Finger Lime is native to the subtropical rainforest of the Northern NSW region, where Brookie’s resides. This unique little citrus fruit with caviar-like pearls that bursts with a subtle sweetness and citrus-lead acidity, is the perfect complement to their rainforest gin.

Thirsty yet? Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin & Tonic is now available to purchase from www.capebyrondistillery.com and leading retailers. RRP $27.99 – 4 pack.


And be on the lookout for their next pre bottled delight, with Brookie’s Slow Gin Spritz, made with their signature Davidson Plum gin hitting bottle shops soon.

For more information or to view stockists, head over to www.capebyrondistillery.com.