Grange X Greg Natale collection


a contemporary take on a French Classic DOMO has united a revered 115-year-old French furniture brand, Grange, and multi-award-winning Australian designer, Greg Natale, to create an exciting new collection.


Harnessing the customisation potential of Grange’s furniture offering, Natale has tailored a Grange X Greg Natale capsule collection – reimagining what traditional French furniture can be for the Australian market.

Curating with a contemporary edge, Natale has drawn together richly textured and refined materials in a palette of black, white and peacock hues. Using in-house Grange timber finishes, married with European and American upholstery, these select Grange pieces take on a whole new character, designed with the Australian aesthetic in mind.

An expert in creating tailored interiors, Natale has also designed three brand new hand-tufted rugs to complement the Grange collaboration. Featuring bold, geometric prints in black, white and brilliant blues, the New Zealand wool rugs serve as the perfect accompaniments to the Grange X Greg Natale pieces. Many of the accessories shown are also available exclusively through the Gold Coast’s finest, luxury furniture company, DOMO.


Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Create effortless chic by mixing classic designs with bold colours and modern geometric patterns.