Finding Your Happy Place

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“I’ll believe when I see it.”

This statement predisposes that we have no control over our lives. That we are separate to and at the mercy of circumstances, conditions, and the cosmos. Indicative of the limited human perspective that we have been conditioned to believe by our parents, teachers, governments, and leaders, it flies in the face of physics which clearly demonstrates through the law of attraction, that when we believe it, we will see it.

As Einstein said, “Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you can’t help but get that reality.”

Unfortunately, most people refuse to challenge their limited human perspective because it’s easier to blame someone or something else for what’s wrong with their health, their bank balance, their job, their relationships, and lifestyle. But the only way to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful is to shift our perspective and be responsible for finding our happy place.

Our happy place is right there as we’ve dreamed it. It beckons to us to be happy so it can manifest into our reality. So why can we see it?  Because we’re not matching the frequency of it yet. The gap between our happy place and us is our vibrational resonance. The vibrational energy we consistently and repeatedly resonate. When we elevate our vibrational frequency to match the reality we want, we feel happy and attract our happy place into existence. Expecting life to give us something to be happy about and then being happy once we get it is backward thinking. That’s not how the law works. We must be happy first and match the vibrational frequency of the reality we want, and then it appears.

Because many of us live in emotional and vibrational discord to the reality we want, sadly we never find our happy place. And here’s a quick tip. We live in discord every time we think or say the word BUT!

I want to be happy BUT…

I want more money BUT…

I want a new house BUT…

I want a better partner BUT…

The phrase we insert after BUT indicates what we truly believe which is usually matched by the low vibrational resonance of a lack mindset. Thinking about and talking about what’s missing from our lives only amplifies lack. BUT signifies our vibrational discord to finding our happy place, and to matching the reality we desire most.

Our role in life is easy. Keep our vibrational resonance aligned with the happiness, health, wealth, love, joy, and success we want. We mustn’t allow ourselves to be deterred by opposing thoughts, words, beliefs, circumstances, or conditions. We must stay aligned, keep on track, and fuel our momentum through only thinking thoughts that make us feel good, only speaking words that make us feel good and looking for reasons to feel good.

Just as BUT slows our momentum to finding our happy place so do three specific emotions.

Maybe you remember a time in your life when you were feeling happy. And then you began to doubt yourself? You started to think, “This is too good to be true. When’s the bottom going to fall out of my good fortune.”

Doubt is sinister and subtle, and sneaks in whispering of our unworthiness, lowering our vibrational resonance, and keeping our happy place at arm’s reach.

Similarly, have you ever been discouraged either by yourself, another person, or the world at large? You’ve done the best you can but it’s never enough. (There’s that word again.)

Discouragement hangs on us like a heavy coat, and we crumble under its weight. It lowers our vibrational resonance, and our happy place remains a distant dream.

Finally, the third emotion that lowers our vibrational resonance from aligning with our happy place is disappointment. We can be disappointed in ourselves or believe we’re a disappointment to others. Either way, disappointment creates discord in our vibrational resonance and resistance to finding our happy place.

Every time we focus on lack, on the BUTs, on what’s missing, or on the excuses, we lower our vibration and discord happens.

The key to disregarding doubt, discouragement, and disappointment is to align our vibrational resonance to what we want and why! Not the how, when and who of it happening. Finding our happy place is an energetic experience.

We must:

  1. Consciously choose to feel happy and to feel good throughout the day.
  2. Align our vibrational resonance to the higher frequencies.
  3. Disregard our negative emotions and adjust our resonance when necessary to stay aligned.
  4. Reaffirm that we are not victims of circumstance. We are the masters of our destiny.

Then the reality we desire most must manifests. Remember, what appears to be going on doesn’t matter. What does matter is our vibration. When we shift our perspective, give up the stress, struggle, and sleepless nights, and energise our vibrational resonance to the higher frequencies of appreciation, happiness, gratitude, love, kindness and compassion, the world reconfigures in our favour. It must. It’s a physical law of the universe.

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