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Marine Trade Supplies Superstore are the specialists in ships chandlery and boat maintenance supplies. Ocean Road Magazine dives in to take a closer inspection…



Walking into their 12-month-old superstore with polished floors and fresh new racking, you get the feeling you’re walking into a huge supermarket. Over 1,000 sqm of floor space dedicated to everything you might need whilst in the shipyard for a service period. Some 20,000 items in stock. The carefully thought out range supplies the Coomera Marine Precinct with trade items. Bulk ranges of antifouling paints and primers, abrasives, fillers, epoxy and polyester resins and glass, Thermo-Lite Board, Fixtech Sealants right through to new Sail Racing, Burke or Musto sailing jackets and shoes. You can buy a Force 10 Oven, a new Rocna Anchor and winch, solar panels, the list just goes on! Backed up with expert advice in store plus access to supplier reps to give detailed advice should it be required.




JOTUN supplies marine and performance coatings for the exterior protection and decoration of yachts and superyachts sold direct from Marine Trade Supplies and Chandlery at The Boat Works. Thousands of hours are spent on the research and development of each and every Jotun yacht product in order to improve existing technologies, explore and develop new technologies and focus on a greener future; all while protecting pleasure yachts and luxury superyachts from the harsh marine elements. Jotun have two antifouling ranges in Australia for coastal vessels, SeaGuardian the coastal ablative offering and the SeaVictor Range. Seavictor 50 loves to run so if you have a trip planned up into tropical waters it offers the extra protection. Just released into the Australian market is the Jotun Yachting top side paint system and named Xtreme Gloss for a reason!



Propspeed by OceanMax marine is used by most vessels now as the golden choice for propeller coatings. If you wander through The Boat Works or in fact any shipyard in the world you will notice Propspeed is now the coating of choice. Propspeed is the original propeller and running gear foul-release coating system, specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline. Now available in retail kits 200ml and 500ml, they also have lightspeed for your underwater lights and very soon will have the new Foulfree for echo sounder transducers, sonars etc.

• Questions? Visit the store: Marine Trade Supplies & Chandlery at The Boat Works or  call 07 55 00 0002