Fast-growing city a blend of green and gold




Proving that the Gold Coast is now one of the most sophisticated cities in the nation, I was recently delighted to open new showrooms for luxury motoring brands Maserati and Ferrari. They have added an extra touch of class to Ferry Road in Southport, and the dealers are expecting strong sales to those who love the best things in life.

      The symbolism for the Gold Coast’s strong economy could not be more appropriate. I was also pleased to open the first tower of the Ruby Collection for the Ralan Group recently. This magnificent building will be one of four to complete the project, representing an investment of around $2 billion into our city.

      This major job-creation boost reflects vibrant investor interest in our city, and the pipeline of development projects over the next decade stands at around $30 billion. Some may have noticed a few noisy minorities who want all development in the city to stop. I can assure everyone that I will not stand aside and let this happen.

      The Gold Coast is Australia’s favourite holiday destination welcoming 13 million visitors a year, but it is also home to a resident population that will shoot past one million in just a few years. To retain our green footprint we must build up, not out. I am thrilled that we have been able to expand our natural areas to just over 50 per cent of the city. We will remain a brilliant blend of green and gold into the future.

      The Gold Coast is a city on the move. Within just a few years we will be the largest city in the nation after the three major state capitals. We attract around 12,500 new residents each year, making us one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

      Over the past year alone, the city has completed infrastructure worth $2.4 billion, with another $3.4 billion under construction and a further $7.2 billion planned.

      The private sector is driving a lot of support infrastructure, including social. For example, just under $1 billion was invested in aged care facilities and $737 million in health care. Lifestyle-enhancing retail projects attracted $1.45 billion of investment.

      The Gold Coast is rightly known around the world for having one of the best lifestyles anywhere on earth — and for good reason. But we must ensure our magnificent natural beauty keeps pace with the prosperity and desirable lifestyle options we offer. I will continue my mission to make this the greatest city on the planet to live the Aussie dream.


Tom Tate, Gold Coast City Mayor