Extraordinary Travel Methods To Elevate Your Bucket List Trip

WORDS: Ocean Road Magazine Editorial Staff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

In a world where travel is more accessible than ever before, we have countless different modes of travel within reach. With air travel still enjoying a post-COVID boom and many airports still having longer-than-before queues, it’s no surprise that some travelers are seeking alternate methods. Whether you’re a thrill seeker looking for something different or just a person wanting to travel unconventionally, our suggestions will give you some food for thought. This article explores some extraordinary travel methods that promise to take you to incredible destinations and improve your travel experience in unexpected ways.

Chartering a Private Jet

Chartering a private jet might have been previously reserved for only the richest of the rich, but this is not the case anymore — it’s become much more accessible. This mode of travel allows you to benefit from the convenience we all love about air travel but bypass the long queues and frustrating airport dwellers. A private charter can have more privacy than usual and maximize your time away. Say goodbye to hours spent in airport lounges with only overpriced sandwiches to keep you fuelled.

Hot Air Ballooning

Imagine being able to peacefully drift over the African savanna at sunrise and be able to watch herds of wildebeest and zebra below. Hot air ballooning is a popular choice for those wanting to experience the best of both worlds; it’s a serene yet exhilarating way to see the world from above. The quiet and gentle ascent, the panoramic views, and the feeling of floating through the air create a magical experience that will create memories for a lifetime.

Submarine Tours

While submarine travel might have suffered a PR disaster over the past year or so, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the best ways to explore underwater worlds usually reserved for marine biologists and adventurers. Common submarine tour destinations include the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Caribbean Sea. Traveling in a submarine doesn’t mean you’ll need to head to the deepest depths; you can do so in reasonably shallow waters, where it’s much safer.

Cross-Country Train Journeys

If you’d instead take things a little slower, why not go cross-country rail? While the Trans-Siberian Railway, which runs from Moscow to Vladivostok, is one of the most iconic routes, many other options in central Europe and the UK will get you from A to B while also giving you plenty of picturesque views. These trains offer a comfortable way to see stunning landscapes and provide a sense of nostalgia and adventure, evoking the golden age of travel from the previous century and earlier.

Dog Sledging

If you don’t mind the cold weather of the Arctic region, dog sledding should be high on your bucket list. This is an extraordinary way to explore the frozen wilderness and travel, albeit briefly, just like the native Inuit people.

You can glide across the pristine snow with only the sound of the falling snow and the racing Huskey dogs ahead of you, allowing you to truly appreciate the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska, Norway, or Greenland. Dog sledding promises an adventure that combines the thrill of speed with the quiet beauty of snow-covered landscapes.

Camel Trekking

Contrastingly, you can go camel trekking at a much slower pace than dog sledding in a much warmer climate. This method of traveling will surely take you back in time, allowing you to trek across the vast deserts of the Middle East or North Africa, just like the travelers and traders from the past several millennia.

Once you’ve had enough of riding for the day, you can set up camp under the starlit sky and experience the nomadic lifestyle still practiced by ancient yet still practiced cultures.


For true thrill seekers, paragliding is a great option that we’re sure you won’t have tried before. This is an activity that people usually make a recurring hobby after they’ve tried it once, but you’ll need to have an iron stomach and an affinity for heights.

To have a truly unforgettable experience, why not soar above the Swiss Alps, glide over the dramatic cliffs of Santorini, or take in the expansive views of the Himalayas? Paragliding provides an unmatched sense of freedom, making it a memorable addition to any bucket list journey.

River Cruising

While you can easily take a boat from one place to another in almost any country, incorporating it into a vacation is a great way to add a twist to your time away. Booking a river cruise allows you to combine the luxury of a cruise with the intimacy of being on a smaller boat.

A great option is to head down the Nile River in Egypt, where you’ll have a splendid view of the ancient temples and pyramids that line its shore. On the other hand, the Danube River in Europe flows through charming towns and vibrant cities, taking you from Vienna to Budapest.

Visiting New Places

In a world where travel is often a chore of long queues and lost baggage, these less-than-usual modes of travel offer a chance to experience something different from the ordinary and embark on once-in-a-lifetime adventures.