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My favourite thing about Winter is the warm olfactory experience the season creates, as the light floral and citrus notes disappear to make way for the darker, sultrier notes of soft musk; warm praline and amber; winter berries; and the moodier florals of violet, patchouli and rose. With a focus on the depth of scents during the cooler months, we see these much-loved notes at a heightened, more complex level. Woods, leather, tobacco, and deep earthy and spicy variants feature heavily as winter fragrances showcase bigger and bolder notes that continue to blur the line between gender specific scents.



A classic example of a winter scent is the new arrival from Creed. Aventus for Her is truly empowering as an irresistibly warm, modern and fresh scent abundant in notes of patchouli, violet, sandalwood, rose, musk, black currant and amber.


A resolutely addictive scent for the season that plays with contradiction and opposing notes to create a highly unique and decorous fragrance is White Spirit, the latest addition to the Luxury Collection by Juliette Has A Gun. A dry woody trio works in contrast with an electric floral bouquet heart to bring about the ultimate expression of sensuality and modernity, it comprises sambac jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood and the house’s signature note of ambroxan.


Renowned for his masterpieces, the new Myths Collection by Amouage creative director Christopher Chong combines delicate violet with the richness of woods to create a new world spin on a classic fragrance combination this season. For her, a captivating floral and green rendition radiaties with violet leaves, galbanum, carnation and patchouli, anchored by a dark base of amber, moss, leather and musk for depth and texture. For him, Myths Man is a surreal mirage of oriental elements such as rum, rose and vetiver, intoxicated with enigmatic tones of smoke, wood and leather to create a fusion of dream and ambivalence, the epitome of luxury for the modern gentleman.


Creed Aventus (75ml EDP) – $465

JHAG White Spirit (75ml EDP) – $390

Amouage Myths Woman (100ml) – $399

Amouage Myths Man (100ml) – $399


Agence de Parfum’s range of niche brands are available at select stockists nationally with brands including Creed, Amouage and Lubin sold at the newly opened David Jones in Pacific Fair.



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