Editor’s Note – AI genie out is of the bottle

WORDS: Brian Usher PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Usher - plus supplied

I had dinner the other night with a friend of mine who has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world and still does to this day. Marketing is his thing and the people he meets and does business with are some of the brightest minds from around the globe.

It’s not often we meet up as he is travelling the world for business but on this occasion, he felt he owed me dinner, after not being able to play golf after numerous invitations.

Conversation was mainly about work, family, kids and steak but then my friend turned the conversation to a recent meeting he had overseas with whom he referred to as “one of the greatest minds he had ever met” He had my attention.

“This is a Watershed moment” my friend said. “In 100 years people will look back at 2024 and it will be the year Humanity let the AI genie out of the bottle, and there will be no putting it back.” It reminded me of the Terminator film when they launched Skynet. You know how this ended up. It’s funny how Hollywood often predicts the future and I hate to say it but AI could very well be our Skynet.

The original version of Chat GPT is now being superseded by more and more powerful versions. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle. It has been speculated that one of the original engineers and founding members of the first version of Chat GPT left the company, before its launch identifying serious concerns that he simply did not want to be involved in or part of. It was too late! The damage was done, there was no stopping it.

As long as there are large amounts of money to be made, people will chase the dollar with no consideration for the ramifications on Humanity. Company charter is all about profits for the shareholders with little concern for the negative consequences that are the byproduct of their actions. AI is a cash cow for those few who are in control of it.

Fortunately, I won’t be around when this all turns to shit but my children and grandchildren will be. This is going to be a terrible legacy that we will leave our children and our only chance is government regulation. But even this might not be able to stop AI. Unfortunately, I believe the horse has bolted and there is no putting the genie back in the proverbial Bottle.