Dream Drives BMW X2 sDrive20i M Sport X


Packaged with personality the X2 will surprise…


The all-new BMW X2 is the choice for our Autumn edition Dream Drives. It turned out to be the perfect decision to check out the waves and enjoy for the weekend thanks to our partners at Gold Coast BMW.


Whether cruising the streets of the coast or running at full speed, the all-new X2 is up for any challenge put in its path. 
This new SUV is a real head turner not only from the outside but also up close the interior is also very groovy!
The upholstery and colours can vary depending on taste, which helps you personalise and makes for a better place to be on your daily drive.  New colours such as Galvanic gold and sunset orange look amazing and really stand out from the crowd.


The turbocharged engine in the X2 is a lively, a refined unit, matched to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission driving to the front wheels. Performance is extremely impressive and very economical which will always play a factor in your purchase.
At 100km/h the engine is running at just under 2000rpm in Sport mode, but Eco-Pro brings the revs back down to roughly 1600rpm to save fuel.



Consumption over the two-hour drive, with plenty of constant-speed touring and frequent ‘flat-to-the-floor’ use of the throttle resulted in a highly commendable final figure of 7.2L/100km posted by the trip computer.
Shift paddles provide sequential gear changes immediately, and with just a touch of aggression when the X2’s Drive Experience system is set to Sport rather than Comfort or Eco-Pro.


Even when shifting manually, the transmission will kick down of its own and also shift up automatically to the next gear, at redline. The transmission is very capable and a great match for the engine. It really makes for a comfortable and enjoyable drive.


BMW offers the X2 in a range of colour and material trim options, most of which look amazing, although our test vehicle’s combination was the traditional black, which is for the conservative like myself!
BMW has specified iDrive 6 as standard in the X2, which I think is a huge feature along with heads up display, which makes the busy morning journey so much easier when the speed is in front of you and displayed in an effortless fashion. Additionally, the X2 comes as standard with dual-zone climate control and ambient lighting.


The BMW X2 is roomy in the rear and certainly accommodates those who choose to take the passengers along for the journey. In this case I was alone however it seemed very roomy and sporty through the whole drive. My experience was only on road and the car was not taken through its paces off-road however it certainly can achieve great results in this area.
It just seemed like the perfect car for a young couple on the weekend, whether it’s down at the beach with the board or off to the shops the new X2 will fit in anywhere – and you will arrive in style.
I was very impressed and must say it was a hard one to give back, my partner Amber would have loved to keep this one in the garage…
Thank you Gold Coast BMW.

* For your chance to experience this vehicle and to arrange your personalised test of the new X2 please call Gold Coast BMW.



“Be unique. Change the rules. Dare to be different”



Car Tested – BMW X2 sDrive20i

Colour – Misano Blue metallic

Engine – BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder petrol engine

Gearbox – 7-speed Steptronic sport automatic transmission with double clutch with gearshift paddles

Fuel Consumption: 6.0 l / 100km 1 0-100 – 0-100km/h time of 7.7 seconds

M Sport X Package

Price – $76,200 drive away

Gold Coast BMW 55577999