Do Buyer’s Really ‘SPRING’ into Action?

WORDS: Kirsten Mitchell PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

The winds of change are here! There is something invigorating about the positive, vibrant mood in and around the Main Beach area.  Annette Sinclair, Principal of Main Beach Property Services feels that although there is an unnecessary negativity in the media when it comes to the current property market, that is just not the case in Main Beach.

“With the weather improving, more out-of-town guests coming to stay in the Main Beach area and a lively and energetic vibe, you can’t help but feel positive about the market over the coming period.” Annette says with a smile.  With the end of year holiday season fast approaching the season will not only be prosperous for the business precinct, it should also prove to be beneficial for anyone with investment properties in Main Beach and its surrounds.

“We want to keep seeing change in the area, we want to see the positive and booming business sector continue beyond this period. It gives us pleasure to see the increase in guests to our area with hotels and accommodation properties at 100% capacity, we couldn’t be more excited for the future of our Main Beach village.”

There is no question that Spring is here, and Main Beach is certainly in full bloom. A suburb blooming with optimism looks to a strong future for all.  The MBPS Sales Team has a “spring” in their step so come in and see what they can do for you!