Choosing Love in the New World – a Birds in Formation – New world Forward Event

WORDS: Natalie King PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Choosing Love in the New World – seems like a given, doesn’t it? The event with the same title was an intimate flocking of birds – members of the ‘Birds in Formation – New World Forward’ Community, who appreciate that the new way of being is a state of Love.  And when we are love, the world around us meets us the same way.

In the spirit of love and support, this event was the first to raise funds for Bec McMillan, as part of The Birds in Formation #LendMeYourFeather community project.

Nicole Gibson, CEO of inTruth Technologies and the speaker for the event shared her journey and birds eye perspective, and also let guests share their own experiences and thoughts, engaging in conscious conversation around Life, Love and Truth. Known as a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur, Nicole prefers to be seen as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential; impacting millions of people world-wide with her unconventional models of community development and transformation. Making an impact in the health and education landscape globally, and having served as the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner for Health in history, advising directly to the Australian Federal Health Minister and Prime Minister, Nicole is creating technology that can measure truth and transform decision making.

A stellar job was done by Deep Belief Hacker & Quantum Coach and Healer Mell Balment, who stepped in to run the event last minute. Birds in Formation founder Natalie King stated “I am grateful to know that support is there when you surrender control, and you ask for help! It’s unfortunate that I fell ill on the day, however Mell is an absolute pro at everything she undertakes – whether healing or mentoring people, facilitating or running events! I’m blessed to call her a friend!”

To open our hearts and drop us into the space, long-term healing and wellness expert Emily Shine provided and blessed heart2heartcacao for everyone.

Quantum Healer, Wealth & Success Coach Sian Whitewolf did a beautiful avatar meditation and offered everyone to activate higher self with Blue Lotus tea.

Guests were so spoilt, and you could feel the love in the room at another amazing event, forging the connections to support women in their journeys to navigate this New World with love, compassion and empathy!

Who are Birds in Formation – New World Forward
Birds in Formation – New World Forward supports women in their journey to navigate the New World.

Together we fly stronger, we fly in FLOW, we fly to Freedom. Leading from our Feminine with courage, compassion and empathy through collaboration to create a community where we help each other to step into our power, so that we can take ourselves, our families and the world around us to higher grounds. We are ready to come together in unity to create the change we want to see in the world.

We offer:
– Support & Resources shared by powerful women
– On and offline events
– Community support projects
– Empowerment programs
– Sisterhood – Respect and Support over Judgement, and Collaboration over Competition any day

We believe that when we stand in our power, there is no need for judgement, competition, shame and guilt. And when we are aligned with our purpose, we allow ourselves to drive with joy, freedom and flexibility, rather than be conditioned and programmed by bills to pay, obligations and unrealistic expectations. Yes, that world is available to us!

We all bring our own gifts. EVERYONE has something to offer. If you don’t know what yours is yet, that’s ok – We remind you, so you remember. There is nothing more powerful than a strong woman to believe in you and remind you just how powerful you are! When we know that we are protected, supported and loved, we can be courageous and there is no stopping us, especially when we get together as women. The mountains we can move if we surrender and learn to trust the process! We don’t have to know everything, all we have to do is trust ourselves, believe in ourselves, bring our gifts to the world and SOAR.

We offer a birds-eye perspective. We don’t discriminate. We don’t judge. Ourselves or others. We LISTEN to each other. All respectful of each other, knowing that even if we have different experiences and beliefs, that we all want the same thing, and that we will respectfully communicate and support each other as we voice our opinions and come up with solutions to expand this plan, our ideas and compassion throughout the world. That’s how we create UNITY.

The Dalai Lama said “The Western Woman will save the World”. We have the emotional intelligence, the compassion and the power to change the world. Start local and act global.

The bottom line is we know that we are worthy. And we know that we deserve happiness, fulfilment, and an abundance of all the things. That it’s our birthright. Reclaiming it is inevitable.

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