Celebrate Summer at Marina Mirage From boat, to bar & beyond


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1.Tahiti Embroidered Dress (black) $299.95, Paradise Sunhat (natural) $129.95, Rae Small Bangle/s (khaki tortoise shell) $69.95. 2. One Shoulder Maxi (aquamarine) $149.95. 3. St Lucia Tie Blouse (foliage) $149.95 with Paradise Sunhat (natural) $129.95, Marias One Piece (sage) $149.95 and Paradise Silk Scarf (pale pink) $99.95. 4. Stripe Blazer (milk white) $279.95, Button Short (white orchid) $99.95, Organic Linen Cami (natural)$99.95, Catrina Sunglasses (chocolate brown) $69.95 and Anastasia Sandal (black)$59.95. 5. Embroidered Cami (white orchid) $119.95, Curacao Short (foliage) $149.95 and Botanic Hoop (ivory earrings) $79.95. 6. Print Maxi Dress (azure) $149.95 and Seraphina Sandal (canvas) $119.95. 7. Catalina Embroidered Blouse (white orchid) $199.95 and Tie Belt Short (black) $119.95. 8. Stripe Wrap Dress (milk white) 169.95, Paradise Sunhat (natural) $129.95 and Paradise Silk Scarf (pale pink) $99.95. 9. Striped Knit Tank (clotted cream) $99.95, Button A-Line Skirt (white orchid) 149.95 and Jasmine Sunglasses (black) $79.95. 10. Azure Print Top $119.95. 11. Bermuda Embroidered Dress (white orchid) $249.95, Paradise Silk Scarf (pale pink) $99.95, and Kyra Acetate Earrings (pink sorbet) $59.95. Available at Witchery Marina Mirage.