Candice Dianna new album for TV show “Project You”


“Project You” is set to hit Australian television within months and is destined to reach deep into the hearts of Australians everywhere as we see and hear incredible stories, watching lives completely transform leading to the great REVEAL in the final episode.

Unlike previous transformational reality TV shows, “Project You” founded by producer Michael Abdallah (who has released a book and a program to help as many people as possible transform into a better version of themselves EVERYWHERE), the TV show doesn’t simply focus on one area of life like “health, fitness and beauty” but dives much deeper.

The stories we are about to see are INCREDIBLY inspirational in a time where many have fallen from grace during the pandemic and lost themselves in many ways.

Ahead of the show release itself, the Producer Michael Abdullah made the decision to release the music for the entire show created by Candice Dianna to give people a taste of the emotion we are to be prepared for!

We invite you to listen to and share with YOUR listeners, the soundtrack of “Project You” available at the Dropbox link, see attached the Press page for “Project You” TV show and the artwork for the TV show itself and the Album artwork to use in any way you need to.

Listen on Spotify –