Bootleg Services Winter Roadshow – The ‘Palazzo Vittoria’ Mansion, Sovereign Island

WORDS: Alison Preston PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Usher -

Hospitality Royalty raised a glass Tuesday to salute Bootleg Cellar Door’s first annual Wine & Spirit showcase at The ‘Palazzo Vittoria’ Mansion, Sovereign Island.  Showcasing over 200 boutique wines from their Local and International portfolio, the Bootleg team were not only celebrated for their wine selections but a delightful surprise when their Vino came with a song.  Opera singer and owner of Bootleg Cellar Door, Tarscha Waddington better known locally as the singing chef, has hung up her chef jacket and pulled out wine glasses for everyone at an event fit for a Roman Emperor, a French Duke or a Greek God.  The Bootleg team wine, dined & ………  sang for our QLD hospo hierarchy til sunset.

With the launch of their new online cellar door, Bootleg are now delivering wine straight to your door.  When asked if it would be delivered with a song, Tarscha replied with a smile, ‘that can be arranged.’