Birthday Gift Ideas for Outdoor Men

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Words: Peter Minkoff Photography: Supplied

Birthday gift shopping can be stressful, especially if it’s for guys. This is not trashing, it’s simply true. Finding something that a guy will be delighted with is not an easy task. What does he need? What doesn’t he already have? The trick is to start from his hobby. For example, plenty of guys are into outdoor activities, and if the man you’re buying the present to is one of them, then you’ve come to the right place. On the other hand, perhaps this gift might encourage him to spend more time outdoors with you, so basically, all of the following options are amazing if at least one of you enjoys outdoor activities:

For a jogger

What is the main reason your guy likes to spend time outdoors? As one of the most common reasons for this is working out or jogging, then you can think somewhere along those lines. What is a thing that all joggers would like to have? A cool set of headphones might be a fantastic idea – he will not only use it while he’s jogging but for plenty of other outdoor and indoor activities as well. It’s a great thing to have, no matter the preferences.

For a hiker

If you’re buying a gift for a hiker, then you might have to think a little bit outside of the box. This might be catchy, especially if you’re not into it and you don’t know anything about the equipment they use. One of the best things you can buy as a gift here is an automatic knife which every hiker needs. There are great knives out there on Shoppster that are not only handy but rather durable as well, so you will know that your present is going to last forever. These knives are quick-opening and have a blade that can be released from the knife’s body – useful yet pretty safe.

For a waterproof adventure

Life never turns out as planned. This is especially true if you plan your outdoor adventure during a sunny day that turns into a downpour. In these instances, your man should have a high-quality waterproof hiking jacket so that his outdoor experience doesn’t suffer. This way, he will be able to do everything as planned and ignore the rain and the wind that can make any adventure more challenging.

For great comfort 

Regardless of the time spent outdoors, everyone needs comfortable shoes. If he’s a hiker, then it’s all the more important, as hikers cannot go on through life with blisters, now, can they? That is why one of the most thoughtful gifts would be a pair of high-quality and perhaps even waterproof hiking shoes. You want shoes with a solid rubber bottom that will give your man enough grip to climb the mountain.

For a camper 

Next up, there is always the option of a good, old-school backpacking tent. This is something that every backpacking camper wants or needs, but it’s also one of the most original gifts you can think of. Everyone needs a good tent in their backpack when things get rough. However, if you’re not sure which one to get, you can go with online reviews and choose the best one.

For all the essentials

Finally, what about a good backpack? This is an item that everyone should own, but it’s the quality that’s important here. Namely, if you’re buying the gift to someone who’s spending a lot of time outdoors or is into camping or backpacking, a hiking backpack might be the best choice. These have plenty of space for all his essentials, plus all the stuff that he might need outside.

Did we make this gift buying process slightly easier? Simply go with one of the mentioned options, and you will not make a mistake. Know what things your guy owns and what he needs. Next, think about what you would like to have or what he needs, and you will be good to go.

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