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Eco Tan by Sonya Driver (WE LOVE)

These organic products from Eco Tan will help create the perfect glowing, hydrated, youthful skin through the cooler months. WE LOVE:

Glory Oil  – A powerhouse of mega 3, 6 and 9. It’s pure liquid gold. A must-try this season. Your skin will thank you. RRP $49.95.

Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub – This scrub deeply removes dead skin layers while drenching your skin in a beautiful blend of lemongrass, grapefruit and citrus botanicals. Perfect for the whole body. RRP $34.95

Face Compost Purple Power Mask

This supercharged mask deeply cleans pores without leaving your skin dry. Treat your skin with a purifying mask. The powerful antioxidant-rich anti-inflammatory treatment is perfect for all skin types. RRP $39.95

Face Tan Water

Keep that natural tan glowing through the autumn months. This game changer face tanner, with natural hyaluronic acid, will leave your skin hydrated and with a beautiful, natural summer glow. It won’t block your pores and never feels greasy. Perfect for all skin types. RRP $39.95

Overnight Mask

Create the perfect complexion while you sleep. salicylic acid-based exfoliating and hydrating leave-on night mask, for acne-prone, oily, sun-damaged or sensitive skin. TRY E.S.K Evidence Skincare-Hydroxy Overnight Mask. RRP $50

Complete Body Firming Lotion

With the stem cells of the Saponaria pumila (dwarf soapwort) plant, the Complete Body Firming Lotion (280ml) aims to hydrate and nourish the skin to promote elasticity and firming. Super hydrating. TRY Enbacci Skincare – Complete Body Firming Lotion. RRP $80

Thicker, fuller hair

Help your fine and limp hair this season with Grow Hair Care Thicker Fuller Shampoo and Conditioner. RRP $ 16.99. To help stimulate your scalp, TRY: Grow Longer stronger – Stimulating Scalp Scrub to detox and refresh your scalp. RRP $ 16.99


This palm-sized silicone device provides three-in-one combination therapy. Tiny silicone bristles gently pulsate to massage your cleanser deeper into the skin for a better clean, removing excess oil, makeup and dead skin cells. TRY: Skin Physics Dermasonic+ $79.95


This anti-ageing eye treatment formula assists with the treatment of eye bags. The active ingredients work to reduce inflammation around the eye. The result is brightened and evened-out skin tone to hide skin imperfections. TRY: Skin Physics Eyefix-360. RRP $59.95

Acne hack

Break up with your blemishes this season with the ultimate toolkit to help control your breakouts and create clear skin. Containing both a cleanser and silicone facial cleansing brush, as well as the acne hack cream. A must-have for problematic skin. TRY: tbh Skincare Acne hack boujee bundle. RRP $135

Ultra A Skin Perfecting Range (NEW) Ultraceuticals
The new state-of-the-art delivery technology encapsulates even finer micro-sized particles than previous formulations, designed to increase the level of retinol available to the skin for a smooth, youthful-looking and radiant complexion. The Ultra A Skin Perfecting range in mild and serum now has a powerful new addition to the story with the new Ultra A Perfecting Intense Booster, designed to maximize your anti-ageing journey.  TRY: Ultraceuticals – Ultra A Skin Perfecting Serum. RRP $145. Ultra A Perfecting Intense Booster. RRP $162

Age Defying Masks
Andalou Naturals age defying masks are a clever fruit stem-cell science range built with natural, high-performing derivatives such as goji berry, avocado, acai and organic cocoa seeds – a combination of ingredients almost good enough to eat. TRY: BioActive Berry Fruit Enzyme Mask. RRP $24.99. Avo Cocoa Skin Food Mask. RRP $24.99

Yellow Heart Collective (locally owned MUST HAVE)
This nourishing balm is used on baby bottoms as a barrier and to assist with soothing nappy rash, a foot balm to heal cracked heels or as a balm for calluses on hands. The Yellow Heart balm has nourishing, organic shea butter, beeswax, liquid coconut oil and avocado oil, along with pure therapeutic healing lavender and palmarosa essential oils. A must-have for the cooler months ahead. RRP $20

Scrub and Hydrate (WE LOVE)
Create flawless skin with Nu Skin Nutricentials Skincare Range. With bioadaptive botanicals to help protect your skin and help build resilience to harsh environmental conditions. Hydrate and exfoliate to achieve healthy glowing skin this season. WE LOVE: Nu skin Nutricentials Brighter Day Exfoliant Scrub. RRP $30.50. Moisturize Me Intense Hydrating Cream. RRP $57.50