Axalah Wolf, Emerging Gold Coast Artist

WORDS: Sam Beau Patrick PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

Meet Gold Coast Artist Axalah Wolf

Emerging artist Axalah Wolf is an artist to follow, adore and invest.

She is on her way to international stardom with her raw talent, passion for the arts and delightful soul.

I’ve known Axalah for 14 years. As a child she would sketch, colour and draw. Her beautiful innocence as a child set out in colour interpretations of the world around her. I have kept many of her drawings.

Her obsession to draw was obvious from a young age and the gift of an artist already in her veins.

Fast track to now and after a fine arts education at the Gold Coast Art School, Axalah has refined her hours and years of drawing into a niche and specialised market; hyper-realistic illustrations inspired by Avant Garde couture.

Balancing patience with perfection, she seeks depth within her art, fascinated by capturing its vast detail.

Simply put, Axalah Wolf predominantly works in graphite and pencil drawings focusing on super incredible details that make you lean in close to see if the drawing is a photo! Truly breath-taking.

Her credits and exhibitions are growing and include the d’Arcy Doyle Art Awards, the Rotary Art Spectacular and the Lethbridge Art Awards. In 2020 she undertook a residency for young and emerging artists at the Level Up Studio & Gallery, which guided her to develop and pave her way forward as a true artist.

Axalah Wolf is currently collaborating with upcoming fashion label AMBVLNT for their Fall/Winter collection dropping in mid 2021.

This artist’s work will rise in appreciation over time, if you’re an art investor, get in now! I truly recommend you follow her arts journey; it has only just begun.

You can follow her on

Instagram @axwolfstudios and Facebook: Axalah Wolf.


Photography credit @somhababbyprod

Written by artist, Samantha Beau who features in the latest edition.