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Chelsea Brazier

Chelsea began her journey into the world of wellness, after spending over 10 years in the corporate world and experiencing a high level of stress and burnout. Shortly after this, she lost her Mum at a young age to cancer and experienced her whole world change in an instant. Her journey to healing herself physically, continually led back to her mindset and she channeled her grief into a curiosity for exploring the mind and how our minds have the biggest impact on both our physical and mental health. Chelsea studied multiple neurological and holistic studies and not only discovered that health and wellness starts with our mindsets, but that our minds are our own powerful vessel for positive lasting change. She now works with others as a Positive Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Breathwork Teacher to help inspire others to harness the power of their mindsets and make positive change and healing a priority. Head to www.kalm.clinic to find out more!