Australian Film Launch Premiere – Who Is Gatsby Randolph

WORDS: Caroline Russo  www.hushhushbiz.com PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

It was a night to celebrate on 23rd April 2021 and with “Lights Camera and Action” plus Red and Black carpets, and one of the latest sleekest Hummers from Limited Limosinees who brought the hosts and special guests to the Australian Premiere of Hollywood Documentary film “Who is Gatsby Randolph” that was screened at the Dendy Portside Cinema Hamilton Brisbane.

It was a full house of 190 attendees with special VIP guests and leaders in the QLD film industry in attendance; Casting Director Ben Parkinson, Producer Shirley Pierce, Line Producer Irene Dunn, and a host of TV Reality show models and Influencers Alex Curson, Pele Francis, Erin Crawford, Jasmine Rollason, Georgie Tutt, Ivan Sarakula, Cheyenne O’Leary
Wian Botha.

The evening was hosted by Jessica Butland Radioactive Pictures and Caroline Russo Enterprises who have formed a partnership with securing the rights to the film that will have a theatrical release in Australia and New Zealand. VIP guest and media personality, Damien Anthony Rossi, made a special introduction to the hosts.

The Evening continued to the after-party at Commercial Road Bar Newstead.

The film had special screenings on Monday 26th April at Gold Coast Events Cinemas, and Sydney Dendy, and Melbourne Lido.  There will be more to be announced in May with national releases and New Zealand.

Jessica Butland and Caroline Russo

Allan & Gregory J Wilken

Curson, Pele Francis, Erin Crawford, Jasmine Rollason,Georgie Tutt, Ivan Sarakula, Cheyenne O’Leary, Wian Botha

Gregory J Wilken, Wendy Wells, Luke Mackey & Simon Edwards

Simon Avery, Sandy Avery, Caroline, Damien Anthony Rossi and Jason Avery

Rebecca Wright & Angeline Reid

Michelle Boyd Phillip Pappas & Melissa Heath & Nadine Anderson

Susie Douglas and Caroline Russo

Shebie King and Dom Cotton

Reece Andriotis and Emma McBride

Eddie and Lorita Fung

Chantelle and Ale Garay