Australian Beauty Trends That Will Rule in 2021


WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

We’ve all had a rough year, but that is no excuse to abandon our wellbeing and self-care routines! On the contrary, this might be the most wellness-oriented time we’ve ever had to chance to experience, and 2021 will be all about cherishing our looks as well as how we feel. With that in mind, Australia will be the scene of some of the most innovative, forward-thinking trends that will reshape how we perceive beauty and overall self-care

If you’ve already noticed some hype around specific products or more people in your vicinity talking about a new cosmetic treatment – worry not, you’ll be in the loop soon enough! Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most noteworthy trends in health and beauty to track in 2021 and use them to amplify your own routine.

The gentle beauty giant: Bakuchiol

For ladies and gents in their late 20s or early 30s, the battle against time has likely already begun, which means you’re familiar with retinol and similar effective skin treatments against signs of ageing. However, not all skin types will love retinol, since it can be harsh on your complexion.

Knowing that, the beauty industry has turned to Mother Nature, in that typical Australian spirit, and now we can see the emergence of bakuchiol-based products. Bakuchiol is gentler than retinol, and thus more widely applicable for sensitive skin. Derived from the babchi plant, an herb known in Chinese medicine as well as Indian Ayurveda, bakuchiol will take a more prominent place in Aussie beauty in 2021.

Make a day of it in a spa

Even though beauty at home will continue evolving, another trend that will be even more prominent all across the country will be taking care of yourself in a superbly serene environment: the spa. With access to professional, carefully tailored treatments, more Aussies will rush to coastal spas to detox from stress accumulated during 2020, and to benefit from those perfectly soothing, healing treatments. 

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways for Australian beauty enthusiasts to experience international and local beauty solutions without having to travel. You can take your pick out of so many available options to pamper your feet, your face, your hair, or go ahead and spend a few hours detoxing your entire body.

Your pearly whites need extra care

Australian beauty trends will show just how vital it is to combine aesthetics with function, which is why this particular hype will persist in the years beyond 2021, as well. Cosmetic dentistry as well as advanced oral hygiene will be in the spotlight this year, helping people preserve and improve their precious smiles, as the crown jewels of their appearance.

To that end, professional clinics such as Orthoworx in Australia will provide cutting-edge dental solutions such as Invisalign that help people have better-aligned teeth, enabling them a more beautiful smile and improved functionality. Add to that, alignment helps with easier dental hygiene, preventing many health issues down the road. Australians have always been known for their stunning smiles, so in the same spirit, this year will emphasize that mindset of self-care for the long haul.

Natural choices at every turn

One trend that combines that deeply rooted love for nature with modern technology will persist in 2021 in Australia in particular, and it includes making more nature-conscious choices in beauty. That means everything from cruelty-free, eco-friendly products, all the way to locally sourced items in beauty that ensure long-lasting results without causing harm to the natural world in any way.

A whole slew of beauty trends such as natural, full eyebrows, naked nails, and no-makeup looks will be just another reflection of this approach to beauty.

Tech up your beauty routine

Shelves are always brimming with new and exciting beauty products we cannot wait to try out, hopeful that we’ll find that next skin-perfect solution for all our troubles. Although this will remain a habit we’ll never kick, rest assured that technology is quickly coming up with solutions we’ve never thought possible.

Take, for example, the ReFa Clear from Japan, serving our pores in a crucial way: cleansing impurities we cannot notice on our own. This and similar tools will be designed to simplify our skincare while at the same time ensuring that our beauty routine is a soothing experience that safeguards our pores. 


While those gentle beachy waves and potent sunscreen will forever be embedded into the beauty routines of all Aussies out there, some innovation and creativity are always welcome. With the listed ideas, you can introduce new and more effective ideas into your self-care routine, treat yourself to a fancy spa day from time to time, and make sure that your beauty isn’t a source of stress, but somewhat of a healing ritual in and of itself. Simplify your beauty with these tips that will dominate in 2021, your schedule will love it!