Aussie Spirit Drinkers REJOICE! Australian Tonic and Soda Water now pouring in BRISBANE !!


In an Australian first, Queensland-based Long Rays has developed a sophisticated and functional tonic and soda water Fountain designed for boutique Australian venues.
The newly released rose gold Fountain is a significant innovation attuned to the way Australians want to drink – and Brisbane is the first city where the Fountain is flowing!

Australia is currently seeing a boom in craft spirits, driven by consumers who want to know where their spirit was made and the story of the artisan who crafted it.
But when a spirit is mixed, two-thirds of the drink is tonic or soda – so there is now increased interest in the story of the mixer too.
Long Rays has responded with its Fountain, designed to deliver the bespoke experience people are craving from boutique bars, distilleries and restaurants.

Pick your top-shelf gin, then pair it with a premium Australian soda or tonic crafted specifically to complement Australian spirits.
Long Rays is the first Australian company to develop its own system for dispensing tonic and soda.
As well as bringing mixers into the conversation, the Fountain also reduces waste, with Long Rays aiming to take seven million glass bottles out of circulation in the next three years.
The first Fountain has been installed at Covent Garden Gin Bar & Restaurant in Brisbane’s West End and will soon be rolled out to select venues across the country, with the aim to improve the service
of drinks while reducing environmental impact for these venues.

With drinks like gin and tonic and spritzes being popular orders, the Fountain brings an element of theatre to the experience.
Now you don’t have to order from the cocktail menu for a spectacle.
Long Rays founder Shivam Reddy conceived the idea after speaking with bars about how to refine the customer experience and add a new point of conversation around crafting the perfect drink.
“Two-thirds of a drink is mixer, so we designed the Long Rays Fountain to elevate the experience of ordering a drink.
“When people see the Fountain, they know every element in their glass is top-shelf,” said Shivam.

“The rose gold design was inspired by the copper stills preferred by distillers, and the final aesthetic looks the part in any boutique bar setting.
“Not only is soda or tonic water pouring from the Fountain new and unexpected – the cascade is a beautiful spectacle – but it also plays a role in reducing waste for venues.
“The Fountain saves glass, cardboard cartons, labels and bottle caps from landfill, and reduces refrigeration requirements, which all play a part in minimising environmental impact,” said Shivam.
The Long Rays Fountain holds 13 cases of tonic and soda water, so now you can have your G&T knowing you’re helping the environment too.
Covent Garden owner Cuba Krzyzanowski says the Fountain will be popular with spirit drinkers who appreciate quality mixers.
“Given that we celebrate Australian drinks, it’s a real point of difference for us.
“Now when you select a boutique spirit from the shelf, we can complement it with an Australian tonic or soda water poured from the Long Rays Fountain, which creates a bespoke experience.
“Plus, it will immediately reduce the number of bottles we need to recycle.”
Long Rays Tonic and Soda water is currently available at select bottle shops and venues.
For more information about Long Rays, visit long-rays.com.au or follow Long Rays social media.
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