AUGUST RIVER BAND – Release debut album with the whole of their hearts.


The title of the debut AUGUST RIVER BAND album is “Thank You Pain” and it sums up the tenacity and resilience of this band perfectly.

The Brisbane based trio are made up of singer/songwriter Eev Ferreira, classically trained violinist Lil Burrows and the hard hitting rock drummer Gerard Kerr. This unconventional combination teamed up with Paulie B (Ziggy Alberts/Bobby Alu) at Yam Nui studios on the Sunshine Coast earlier this year to record “Thank You Pain”.

The results of the sessions is clearly a band finding its sound with a new found confidence. This is roots music with a twist based on the band being much the sum of its part than anything to do with individuals.

The first thing that strikes you is the wholehearted vocal performance delivered by Eev. It is absolutely clear that the lyrics mean the world to him as he shares them with us with no holes barred. Livs violin parts dance across the arrangements while Gerard holds it together with his rock virtuosity.

There is no filler on this album as every song finds its place to emotionally connect with the listener with the closing track “Crazy” sounding like a celebration of coming out the other side. Something we can all relate to.

AUGUST RIVER BAND are a live band at their very heart and showed that with stunning album launch at a jam packed Tivoli Theatre. They also join their tribe this Sunday at the SOLD OUT Roots Music Festival on the HOTA Outdoor stage.

Can’t wait to hear what they have up their sleeves for 2021.