An Icon of Beautiful. DB11 Aston Martin – 4.0 litre V8 Twin Turbo.


DB11 takes grand touring to unprecedented heights……..

When asked to spend a few days in the Aston Martin DB11 it really was an easy decision to make.  To be given an opportunity to experience such phenomenal performance, aerodynamics and sheer craftsmanship in a motor vehicle is a true honour in itself.

The DB11 was collected from the GM of Aston Martin Paul Hewitt who lives and breathes this brand and has done over the past decade.  Paul is one of the best in the business and spending a half hour briefing with him on delivery of this car really does show the exceptional depth of knowledge he has on this world class Aston Martin Motor Car Brand.

The Sound – the lines – the presence this motor car has as you approach automatically sends your heart into a new phase.  Designed to reach new levels the DB11 exploits its inner strength and immense performance with its high performance 4.0 litre V8 twin – Turbo Engine producing an impressive 503BHP.

0-100 in 4 seconds and the looks of this beauty, set the scene for my weekend.  The sun was out and the winding roads of the tweed coast were calling for the scenery for the Ocean Road Review of this glamour super car.  It didn’t take long for the heads to turn as I drove out of the Southport dealership.  Onlookers simply couldn’t get enough of this car as I cruised out and headed home.

Amber and I decided to visit as many destinations as we possibly could in one day on our trip down to Byron.  Taking in the beautiful scenery of both the beaches and mountains as we experienced the ultimate driving sensation along the way.  Suspension and exhaust were set to Sport mode allowing the car to breath properly and talk to me through the gorgeous note of the exhaust system as my foot became deeper on the pedal as we merged onto the M1.  From Cafes, beaches, shopping and of course the Bryon Lighthouse one thing became clear, the presence of this motor car was out of this world.  People would just stop and admire as we drove past, some simply just nodding as they drove past as if to say – wow that’s style….  The physical presence the car has when parked on the street is overwhelming.  We parked in Byron and I thought there was a busker or a man singing as there were a heap of people standing around on our return from lunch– it seemed the DB11 took centre stage and was the act people wanted to see – even when locked up and resting in the main street in Byron it was still the star of the show.

Inside the DB11 you’re met with a beautiful, calm and private space.  Sumptuous natural materials are evident and can be perfectly tailored to you.  Seat back veneers are available in a choice of woods or carbon fibre.  Nexus quilting and celestial perforation add layers of beauty, while ornate leatherwork demonstrate the exceptional craftsmanship within the cabin.

 The luxury style within the DB11 is of the highest level possible with state of the art technology which make this car such a pleasure to drive.

The 12” TFT LCD display makes everything effortless with the touch screen and all other functions of the vehicle.  Sat nav and audio system controls have never been easier to operate.



One of the big pluses for me was the airflow seats allowing cold flowing air to pass through the seats to enjoy continuous cooling into my back – an absolute must for living on the Gold Coast especially through the summer months for the business community in suits.  The DB11 strides with new infotainment, auto park assist and a fully digital instrument cluster.  All ensuring driver comfort at the touch of a button. 



After a long lunch in Byron and a walk along the beach, coffee in Kingscliff and a cocktail at Halcyon House on the way home, our day really was starting to take shape.  Enjoying the scenery of these amazing little destinations has been next level as we share our adventure through this amazing super car……. 


This car just seems to keep a smile on your face and certainly the heart pumping a little faster when behind the wheel.  Paul Hewitt did warn me of this and I can honestly say he wasn’t lying.  The car is nothing short of amazing and well worth talking with the team at Aston Martin Queensland. 


179 Nerang Road Southport. 55827777.

Some of the Car specs


Model: DB11 V8 Coupe

Model Year:2019

Exterior Colour: Scintilla Silver (Q Special) (Paint)

Interior Colour: Metallic Black (AML Special) (Caithness Leather)



Audio System:

Aston Martin Premium Audio

Gearbox Type: Touchtronic 3


Seat Cooling: