ALPINA B5 Twin Turbo … knows no boundaries

WORDS: Dean McMurtrie PHOTOGRAPHY Brian Usher

Quietly confident and flying under the radar, there is no need to worry if a C63s pulls up next to you because before you know it, it will be eating your dust, as it watches the rear of your car after take-off with an extra 105hp under the bonnet.

To the non-car enthusiast, the Alpina may sound new. However the brand has been around since 1965, producing exclusive automobiles based on BMW models with next-level power plants and interior finishings.

When Marketing Manager Gaby Hill suggested the new Alpina B5 twin turbo could be fun for the next Dream Drives experience, I certainly didn’t disagree. At first glance I underestimated how powerful this car was. I was caught off guard by the amount of horsepower and kws this machine was hiding under the bonnet with its sleek but subtle look.

The size of the brakes and cross-drilled composite discs on this car do give things away considering these are something you would normally see in the pits of a V8 supercar garage…

The 4.4L Twin Turbo V8 – 447kw of power, 800nm of torque, 608 hp and a top speed of 322km/hour.

Are you impressed with the numbers? The new 2020 M4 is 375kw with 650nm of torque to put things into perspective.

Step inside…

The design of the new BMW Alpina B5 Touring skillfully combines the contemporary BMW design with the distinct and yet evolutionary Alpina elements. It’s powerful, dynamic and confident but never intrusive.

The inside of an Alpina is of exceptional quality. A few of the features which come to mind are the onboard technology and superior interior style and a twin moon roof that includes a front sunroof. A step up from the M5 BMW, there is no doubt you are sitting in the best car there is.

Every element of this car is next level – the oversized sports seats with super soft leather along with a bright blue driving cluster in the dash to show you how you are performing while driving; the classy wheels, generous brake package; and of course the huge display unit which controls most things within the car including your GPS. It feels like you are in a limousine as there are privacy screens on the rear windows to give you the blackout look. Very cool I must say…

The performance is world class

In my experience driving the Alpina B5, I can honestly say the performance of this vehicle is mind blowing – it’s up there with Ferrari and 911 turbo Porsche power!

0-60km 2.2s

0-200km 11.65s

Quarter mile 11.72

Officially the fastest touring in the world!

Driving the Alpina Touring B5 Bi-Turbo around the Gold Coast for the week gave me the opportunity to fully gain an understanding of the car and its capabilities in different situations. The car is spacious and has generous boot space – a perfect all-rounder really.  You can pick the kids up from school, drive to soccer training and on the way home feel comfortable knowing that nothing will pass you if you choose to put your right foot down, especially in sport mode, where the exhaust really opens up and sounds aggressive on the outside, with minimal noise in the cabin.

Alpina you have impressed me – truly an amazing motor car with supercar power. Talk to the team today about the Alpina range and arrange for your test drive today.

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