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Activity Test

If you want to be more active while looking after your body, what should you do?

ORM finds out more.

As a physiotherapist, I hear many sentiments along the lines of “I am very active. I go for long walks and I’m very active doing gardening and housework almost every day. I don’t understand why I am getting injuries. I thought the more active you are, the healthier and more injury-free you should be.”

So what goes wrong?

The way I explain the problem to my patients is that our body has a finite capacity to perform an activity. Whether it is an athletic task such as running, cycling, or playing sport, or even as simple as maintaining good sitting or standing posture, there is always a limit to how long our muscles can work until they become overloaded.

Often, this is a particular muscle or group of muscles that is mechanically disadvantaged because of poor posture. Motor control issues may also contribute to a particular muscle being a ‘weak link’ too.

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