A Unique Dining Experience


When Jupiters opened their stylish new Garden Kitchen and Bar, the Gold Coast welcomed a first-class new fining experience with world class design.


I always get excited when the Gold Coast welcomes a new stylish eatery for no other reason than I am a Gold Coaster and happy to see the Gold Coast being a regional town with world class dining offerings.

When Jupiter’s opened the new Garden Kitchen and Bar at the end of last year they really upped the ante. The Star Entertainment Group Managing Director QLD Geoff Hogg puts it best; “Garden Kitchen & Bar showcases some of the freshest, seasonal produce and very best in design, incorporating an abundance of light-filled space and elegant simplicity that allows our guests to truly embrace the Gold Coast lifestyle.”

While I can confirm that the food is superb, it is the design and decoration that always grabs my interest and I was so captivated by the fit-out that I made a point of speaking with those responsible. I chatted to Catherine Phillips, associate and interior designer for internationally acclaimed, multi-disciplinary design firm, DBI Design.


How would you describe the design of the new Garden Kitchen & Bar?
The venue is unique in character and defines a new sustainable garden aesthetic that does not rely on the ubiquitous, green wall currently seen in the built environment. The interior design solution celebrates Queensland’s unique, welcoming, relaxed lifestyle and the existing site’s abundance of natural assets.


What was your brief?
Our client’s aspirations were to create an approachable, engaging dining experience that offers a relaxed atmosphere and to form a seamless connection to the site’s established gardens and rich bird life. Creating a new face for the restaurant to capture and engage guests from the exterior grounds was also important. The bespoke outdoor conservatory, monumental in scale and iconic in form, creates this new face, inviting guests through the garden to retreat to a truly unique dining experience.


What challenges presented with the space you were dealing with?
The restaurant is the transformation of an existing bar, The PA Pub, and the existing building has been completely re-oriented to engage the site’s existing gardens. To overcome the challenges of the existing property, a highly rational planning program was required to ensure the seamless connection between the old building, new restaurant pavilion, outdoor conservatory and sundrenched deck.

The newly built restaurant pavilion unveils itself slowly, while the outdoor conservatory captures the main vista through the restaurant, framing the view to the garden. Spatially volumes increase until a guest reaches the eight metre high outdoor conservatory. White-washed, rustic timber battens enclose the outdoor conservatory spatially but permit natural ventilation capturing the prevailing breezes, views to the garden and an overwhelming sense of Queensland place. 


Where did you seek inspiration for the design?
Drawing inspiration from Queensland vernacular coastal design, mixed with a contemporary translation of old-world charm detailing the restaurant aesthetic takes cues from the existing landscaped gardens. Varied greened vistas and the transmission of natural light are the key attributes of the design solution. Skylights filter light over the indoor trellis and bar and the perimeter of the new build restaurant portion opens onto an external deck. An abundance of foliage adorns the restaurant interior and aspires to bring the outdoors in, reinforcing the notion that the interior spaces have a connection with the local fresh produce menu offering.
Are elements such as the VJ panelling and turquoise bar stools representative of Queensland/Gold Coast?


The VJ panelling is quintessentially Queensland used extensively throughout “Queenslanders”, the vernacular housing of the eastern coast of Queensland. The turquoise colour of the bar stools and outdoor bar references the natural colours of the south eastern Queensland coastal palette but the styling of the stools reflects old world glamour, comfort and charm to create a sense of nostalgia for the Gold Coast which was a burgeoning holiday destination during the 1920’s era.
What aspect of the design are you most proud of?
The outdoor conservatory is our favourite space in the restaurant. We have received feedback that this space is the most popular in the restaurant which is satisfying for the design team. 
What do you think makes this venue unique to other venues like it?
Garden Kitchen & Bar offers a variety of dining experiences, are all on offer to provide individual choice to guests and a restaurant that is responsive to a mix of Queensland climatic conditions.


Garden Kitchen and Bar is well worth a visit if you are seeking more than just a bite to eat but rather a dining experience and Geoff Hogg echoes my enthusiasm stating that the versatility of the space and its connection to nature ensures every experience is unique. For this reason, and the central location of the venue on the Gold Coast, the restaurant will prove to be a hotspot for celebratory dinners, ladies’ lunches, date nights and functions. And my tip to potential patrons, be sure to check out the bathrooms. You won’t be disappointed.