7 simple steps to a healthy you



  1. Take them off: It might sound trivial, but shoes can be the cause of many sicknesses. They often carry harmful residues, such as chemical pesticides, so when they are worn or brought inside they can expose us to damaging toxins. So just kicking your shoes off at the door could be saving you from getting sick. 

  2. Laugh: Having a giggle is one of the best things you can do when it comes to staying healthy. Laughing alone boosts immunity, strengthens the heart, and improves lung function,  along with numerous other health benefits. On a more long-term scale, laughter actually releases neuropeptides which help fight stress and potentially more serious illnesses, so the more you laugh the better.

  3. Pick your defence: We all know what we eat plays a huge part in our health. Supplements, such as Vitamin D, are simple and effective ways to ensure our immune system is able to ward off illnesses, and when consumed with a balanced diet, they make for a winning combination.

  4. Try it cold: Exposure to cold water is known to increases metabolic rate. Once cold water hits your skin, it stimulates certain brain activities. A brief cold shower reduces production of serotonin and feelings of fatigue. It also stimulates a sympathetic nervous system and increases endorphin levels, therefore may help boosting your feel-good mood. 

  5. Be different: Changing your work-out routine is a great way to keep both your body and mind functioning at their best. Many people make the mistake of getting stuck in a particular exercise pattern but varying what you do each session strengthens different muscles groups, boosts performance, prevents boredom, and keeps you more focused.

  6. Put your hand up: If intensive exercise routines aren’t for you, never fear – stretching also goes a long way to keeping you safe from sickness. Not only does stretching prevent injury by lengthening your muscles and tendons, it also improves your circulation, releases tension and increases energy levels.  

  7. Get cracking: Visiting a chiropractor can be a great preventative measure in maintaining your health as it inhibits spinal degeneration, restores normal nerve supply, improves immunity, allows better sleep whilst also slowing the ageing process. Alternative medicine practices, such as acupuncture, can also be effective ways to maintain sustainable physical health and increase mental clarity.