5 Tips on how to help your relationship SURVIVE the QUARANTINE

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Description: The raging coronavirus and related quarantine measures have strained human life in many ways. Apart from causing business closures, it has affected relationships in several ways. The anxiety related to the pandemic has caused havoc to most partnerships. If your relationship has been affected, below are some tips to ease the strain on your relationship during quarantine.

The pandemic has brought tribulations to relationships for couples staying together or those living miles apart. Quarantine measures mean that partners will spend a lot of time together or won’t be able to meet for several months, especially for couples who recently met on dating sites. Regardless of the situation of your relationship, you can’t denounce several quarantine relationship problems. If your relationship has been affected, below are the common challenges that couples face during this quarantine period and the appropriate solutions to them.


1.      The Challenge: Small Fights Are Becoming a Norm

A study estimated that more than 75 percent of the respondents spend time with their partners during this quarantine period. Unfortunately, more time with your partner translates to more disagreements, with 40% of married participants attesting to an increase in small fights since quarantine began.

While this isn’t a sign of serious quarantine relationship problems, frustrations are inevitable during such a period. The emotions of living through this unprecedented pandemic also increase the stress levels, making it common to bicker with your partner.

The Solution: Improve Your Communication Skills

Surviving this challenge during quarantine requires that both parties focus on improving their communication skills. While you can easily lose your cool due to flimsy reasons, it isn’t good to project your frustrations to your significant other. Instead of arguing with them, consider a silent treatment or address the issue head-on.

Also, note that disagreements are normal in relationships. However, if they become more serious during quarantine, evaluate the cause and find tips for avoiding or solving them as they arise.


2.      The Challenge: Managing Lockdown Stress

From the frightful headlines about the shortage of hospital beds to fears of contracting the virus, everyone is overly alarmed. Anxiety is considered the main cause of irritability during this period, and quarantine relationships are suffering. So to say, more than 73% of newly married or engaged couples feel anxious, 50% feel overwhelmed, and 62% are stressed.

That said, your quarantine emotions can bring some tension to your relationship more than usual. Common stressors during this period include handling children, job security, health status, and maintaining a perfect work/life balance at home.

The Solution: Be Intentional About Time Spent Together

If the effects of quarantine and other measures placed to curb the pandemic are taking a toll on your relationship, prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing. Set some time aside to disconnect and spend time with your significant other. You can leverage several quarantine activities during this time, such as binge-watching movies and TV shows, cooking, baking, and other things to do during quarantine.


3.      The Challenge: You Can’t Spend Time Alone

Spending time together means that there is less time spent alone. While spending time with your partner is probably the top benefit of quarantine, you will definitely miss spending time by yourself. Note that desiring some alone time isn’t a sign of unhealthy relationships.

The Solution: Focus on Emotional Connection

To solve this challenge, begin by accepting what you can’t change. For instance, if you reside in a studio apartment during quarantine, adjust the fact that you don’t have much physical space enough to enjoy some alone time. Therefore, focus on boosting the emotional connection with your partner through various ways. For instance, try out some quarantine dating ideas that can change your normal environment.


4.      The Challenge: You Are Both Working from Home

Working from home presents another set of challenges that employees should overcome, with a study estimating that 39% of couples currently work remotely during quarantine. Overlapping meetings, thinned work, personal boundaries, and other aspects make it overwhelming to focus while managing your relationship.

The Solution: Create a Routine

Creating a work-from-home routine is important to overcome this challenge during quarantine. Ensure that you consult your partner when drafting the routine to avoid potential problems. Besides, incorporate other home activities, such as child care, lunchtime, meeting blocks, and time to quit. Also, understand that working from home isn’t normal and it won’t be easy to adapt. If normal daily work takes a toll on you, take advantage of various quarantine date night ideas to decompress the pressure.


5.      The Challenge: Staying Apart from Your Loved Ones

Even though you spend more time with your significant other, quarantine vs. isolation measures make it impossible to spend time with family and friends. Missing your weekend happy hours and visits to your parents might make you sad. The fact that there isn’t a clear timeline when this will be over might also affect your relationship.

The Solution: Make Use of Virtual Connections

A study found that 8 in 10 couples attest to spending more time on their devices since the quarantine period began. 75% of study participants agree that they use video chats with family and friends, with 46% saying that they attend virtual happy hours to maintain connections during quarantine. While this can’t replace in-person connections, it presents a better way of staying in touch with your loved ones.

Bottom Line

The ongoing quarantine, social distancing, and lockdown measures instituted to reduce the Covid-19 outbreak mean that you will be spending more time with your partner, or it might take a while before you meet. Regardless of the stage your relationship is in, find some ways of keeping your relationship strong as you adapt to this new reality. If done properly, this quarantine period might better your relationship.

That said, which other tricks do you know that can help couples survive this quarantine period?