5 Things Every Camper Needs in Their Bag



Camping will be a super popular activity this summer due to the pandemic and bans on travel and crowds. So if you’re planning to spend a few days and nights in nature, you need to be prepared for everything Mother Earth throws at you. Camping is generally safe and minimalistic, but you have to have a few items that will not only keep you healthy and strong but also boost comfort and entertainment on your trip. Here are five things you must pack in your backpack before you hit nature: 

Water bottle with a filter

Let’s start with the basics—hydration. Having water with you is the most important things for every traveler because dehydration can get you in trouble very fast. In the past, campers usually relied on a canteen, but today, you have a number of other, more practical options. 

Make sure to bring a reusable plastic bottle with a high-quality water filter. This type of bottle can be filled at any campground water spigot or any water fountain you come across and you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of the source since your filter will remove 99.99% of water amoebas that might hurt your stomach. In many cases, you can safely consume water from a river or stream! Make sure to get a model with an easy-sip spout, a good safety mechanism against spills and a filter that’s easy and cheap to replace. 

Solar charger

No matter if you’re trying to unplug or if you’re still attached to your electronics, you’re probably bringing a few items with you such as a phone and a camera. Well, these need electricity and Mother Nature doesn’t have too many outlets. So a solar charger will come in very handy. It comes with a USB port so you can keep all your electronic devices charged with free, clean and green energy from the sun. Get a waterproof model that you can attach to your backpack and absorb the sun while you’re hiking. 

A knife

Probably the singular most important item besides water on this list is a reliable knife. If you start your journey without one, you can come across many obstacles that are almost impossible to cross. A good knife can be used for a variety of tasks such as preparing food, cutting rope, making a shelter, clearing your campground, hunting, fishing, first aid, protection from animals and intruders and many other things. And don’t worry about space in your backpack, you don’t need a huge Crocodile Dundee-style Bowie knife. All campers need is small and practical otf knives that fit in your pocket and come to your aid with a press of a button. They can be triggered and returned to their previous state with only one hand (unlike most folding knives) which boosts usability and safety. 

Rope or paracord

Just like a knife, a cord has a lot of uses in nature—to set up camp, elevate your food, enclose the parameter, take care of injuries, secure belongings and many more. If you have space in your backpack, you can pack a few meters of loose rope, but if you’re tight with space, you can grab one of those paracord bracelets. These are small and stylish, come with 12 feet of paracord, are adjustable for any wrist and come quite cheaply. Some models also have a compass, fire starter and an emergency whistle built-in. 

First aid kit

No matter if you’re very dexterous or quite clumsy, camping trips can quickly go wrong. Make sure to be prepared for all sorts of injuries, especially smaller ones like cuts, splinters, bites and small burns, and pack a first aid kit you can access quickly in case of emergency. Most of the time, campers come back home without a single scratch, but it’s better to stay safe than be sorry. If you’re planning to hike a lot during your camping trip, keep your feet safe with a blister balm. Also, it’s always smart to bring a bug repellent to spray onto your skin and all over your tent. 

Naturally, you will bring a tent, sleeping bag, clothing and food, but these are just common sense. With your basic gear and these aforementioned must-have items, you will have an unforgettable trip for all the right reasons. Good luck, happy camper!