5 Gold Accessories Worth Investing In

gold accessories

WORDS: Peter Minkoff PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

If you’re one of those gals who love to rock jewellery made from precious metals, look no further because you’re in the right place! Here’s a list of five awesome gold accessories worth investing in, so check them out and expand your jewellery collection this year!

A cool pair of hoops

Needless to say, hoop earrings have always been an essential piece in every fashion-forward gal’s collection. However, these are making a huge comeback this year, as the most prominent haute couture designers and brands feature hoops as a part of their latest collections. So, if you’ve always been a huge fan of this style of earrings, you should invest your money in the coolest pair out there. Possibilities are truly limitless – from big, skinny hoops to smaller chunky ones, you won’t make a mistake whichever style you go for. It’s totally up to you and your personal preferences, so think it through and you’ll make the right decision!

A classic chain necklace

A classic chain necklace is another iconic piece of jewelry you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in. The reasons for that are more than good, and the first one is that such a necklace is extremely versatile. You’ll be able to wear it on all occasions – from casual combos for a brunch with your gals to edgy yet glamorous outfits for a date night with your darling. Another important thing you need to know that gold chain necklaces are universally flattering and look great on all skin tones, which is a good enough reason to give them a try. Also, they are quite trendy this year, so don’t skip them and you’ll see what we were talking about!

A cute, vintage locket

If you’re a fan of cute vintage jewelry, just pay attention to lovely gold lockets. First of all, these are super special simply because you can keep a precious photo or two in them. It’s way more personal than having a photo of your loved ones on your phone, that’s for sure! Besides that, a gorgeous locket will inevitably make a statement, no matter what you’re wearing. However, you should better wear this beautiful locket on a long necklace instead of a short one. It’ll look much more stylish and sophisticated this way. Of course, you can also check out an online guide on how to wear gold accessories if you aren’t really sure how to style your pieces. It’s always a good way to go!

A stylish bangle bracelet

If you ask us, bangle bracelets will never go out of style. This is simply because they look extremely sleek and stylish on every woman’s wrist. Even though such bracelets – especially those made from precious metals such as gold – are quite simple in design, don’t let that fool you. The truth is that the key to their beauty and versatility lies exactly in simplicity. So, if you love to stick to the ‘less is more’ rule when it comes to your fashion choices, you should invest in a gold bangle bracelet. You can match it with literally any piece of jewelry you want, without looking tacky or too much. So, give the bangle bracelet a fair shot and you won’t regret it!

Trendy pendant necklaces

Last but not least, it seems that pendant necklaces have never been more popular than in the last few years. This is particularly true for those cool layered necklaces with different styles of pendants featured on each piece. If that’s a look you love to rock, get several pendant necklaces made from gold, but ensure that they are all of the different lengths. The first one should be the shortest – something like a choker. Of course, each necklace should be a bit longer than the previous one. As for the pendants, there is anything you can think of – hearts, moon, stars, arrows, all kinds of geometric shapes, and many more. One thing is certain – you’ll love your layered pendant necklaces in any outfit!