2023 Wedding Trends Aussies Should Look Forward To

WORDS: Diana Smith PHOTOGRAPHY Supplied

2023 is right around the corner, and if you’ve recently got engaged and set the date to be in 2023, you’re in the right place. We’ll tell you all about the top wedding trends Aussies should look out for and look forward to. From eloping to throwing elegant outdoor shindigs, wearing dazzling capes instead of veils, and having a groomsmaid instead of a bridesmaid, these are some of the 2023 wedding trends we’ll talk about.

Wedding suits for brides

Who says a bride needs to wear a gown on her big day? If you’ve never been particularly into dresses and much less lavish gowns, your big day doesn’t have to be any less special. In 2023, Australian designers thought about the brides who prefer wearing suits and incorporated precisely those pieces into the wedding attire many brides would be able to wear. Staying trendy in 2023 will consider snazzy pantsuits in ivory, white, off-white and pearly shades that radiate elegance whilst offering comfort and class at the same time.

Outdoor events

Considering how much trouble COVID has caused couples worldwide, outdoor weddings have become the new trend many will love in 2023. Even if some venues in Australia didn’t have the option of an outdoor party before, now, almost all of them are mandatory to provide you with an outdoor setting for your event. Regardless of the number of people you’re accommodating, a venue needs to have an outdoor area for guests to celebrate their big day. So, if you’ve been looking forward to an outdoor wedding but weren’t sure you’d find a venue for it, 2023 is the year to offer outdoor weddings Australia-wide.

Groomsmaids and mates of honour trend

We’vebeen seeing changes in so many aspects of wedding events. From unique attire to unusual décor, now, we’ve come to a breakthrough – groomsmaids and mates of honour replacing bridesmaids and maids of honour. If you’ve always wanted your best friend to be by your side at the altar, now you don’t have to worry about having to choose a random girlfriend. Groomsmaids and mates of honour are the newest trends that brides and grooms worldwide will love. To make sure their suit matches the bridesmaids’ dress theme, look for a wedding suit tailor that can make the suit to match the colour theme.

Gloves are back

Elegance has never been more in style than it will be in 2023. With long, ravishing gowns, brides will have the chance to accessorise with long ball gloves. Just like in the 1950s and 1960s, 2023 will bring back the gloves trend that will elevate your bridal attire instantly. Silk, satin, lace, or feather-accentuated gloves will be a must for a trendy Aussie sbride in the year ahead of us. Bring back that old-world romance with wrist-length, opera style or fingerless gloves for the most glamorous wedding in 2023.

Wedding gowns with capes

Have you considered including a veil in your wedding attire? How about a cape? If you’d prefer your face to stay uncovered but still want to add a dose of glamour, a wedding gown with a cape could be a perfect alternative. Nothing says regal poise as an oversized cape over your wedding gown flowing behind you as you walk down the aisle. You will achieve the same red carpet-like glamour with a cape, as it will provide you with an equally photogenic movement as a veil. Once the ceremony ends, you can remove the cape, without worrying about your hairstyle. Consider dramatic ruffles, cascading, sequins, and embroidered lace as some of the many possible options for your big day.

Eloping has never been more en vogue

Are you still trying to find the ideal wedding venue nearby? What if your focus was less local and more international? Yes, we’re talking about eloping. Ever since COVID made such a mess with everyone’s wedding plans, people have started eloping and tying the knot with their closest friends whom they would want to be by their side anyway. Saves you the overdramatic planning, cost, and thinking about all the possibilities for the décor, cake, and venue. If so many celebrities can do it, so can you. Make 2023 the one to remember by eloping to your dream wedding destination, inviting only the VIPs of your friendship circle, plus the family, and you’ll have a trendy and more unique wedding than any other couple.

Weddings are expensive and time-consuming to plan. So, if you’ve just got engaged, 2023 might be the year to say your I do. With the trends mentioned, you’ll get the necessary inspiration for planning your nuptials. We hope to have laid a good foundation for your search, and we look forward to hearing how we made your big day even more special with our 2023 wedding trends input.