2022 KOLLOSCHE Luncheon – Supporting Serving our People @ The Langham Hotel

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The 2022 Kollosche Lunch is more than just an afternoon of fundraising for Serving Our People.

Part of our mission is to bring a truly memorable experience for all of our attendees.

It is an opportunity for Kollosche and Serving Our People to thank all the sponsors, supporters, and volunteers of the charity. We want to ensure that this will be your most memorable luncheon for 2022 in our beautiful city of Gold Coast.

This amazing event will be the most exciting event presented by Kollosche to celebrate the success of Serving Our People and to acknowledge their contribution to our community and the difference it has made.

Over the last two years, and since its inception, Serving Our People Inc have continued to grow in direct response to the growing community need.

Serving Our People is Australia’s fastest growing charity. Established during the global pandemic in March 2020 to serve and support those in need by delivering anything to anyone in need, the charity has now grown to a mobilised team of more than 2,100 SOP members across SE QLD & NSW ready to support their community during time of crisis and in times of need.

Their mission is to serve the people of Australia across all demographics and all socio economic groups, infants, children, families, the elderly, displaced or disadvantaged individuals and communities, carers, disaster victims or people living with a disability.

We hope this incredible event will bring resilience, peace and prosperity to our world. There has been so much hurt and suffering in the community in the last year that we are doing everything we can to ensure everyone has been taken care of in difficult times. It is my hope that we will bring together the most beautiful and generous people to support this community. I ask that you support this event, so the recipients of this initiative have a little more help this Christmas.

“Thank you very much.”

Yas Matbouly
Serving Our People

With the wonderful support we received from the Queensland community and beyond, we have had a very successful year. We could not have achieved this without your generosity and ongoing support.

The Kollosche Lunch event aims to further raise awareness of our charity and to raise much needed funds for us to continue to serve the people who are less fortunate than us.

Underpinning the ethos of the charity is that they wish to effect change in the mindset of humanity globally by creating consciousness surrounding the role `service’ should play in one’s life. This is the position from which all team members approach any request for assistance and mobilise internal resources or partnered agencies to ensure the need of the person is met in a holistic manner.